Pakistan 2010
I was 18 when I got admission into a medical college. Its a very prestigious moment for every student and his parents particularly from where i belong. We dont have big needs or dreams. Just mango people who want to live life in dignity and peace. My parents shared a rural background. My father got married when he was of my age and my parents shifted to a nearby town, an hour away from our ancestral home in village.

My father was a modest educated man. He was tall and had pale skin. He looked too humble and passive. My mother was illiterate but a wise and thoughtful lady. She had fine features, slender physique and long jet black hair which i remember playing with when i was small. She doted on me. I had an elder brother and two younger sisters.

My brother was doing BA in Urdu by the time i got my admission. Everyone in my family was happy. Its seemed a perfect day. So many relatives coming over to congratulate. I felt like life had given me an opportunity to do something good. However the only concern was that my college was at a seven hour drive and initially i was too excited but later i got weary of this distance. My mother would freeze some homemade delicacies like kebabs, biryani or karela chicken and pack it for me. I would enjoy it with my friends at hostel. Yes i made friends as soon as I got into college and i never would mind sharing my things with anyone. I had place for everyone. My arms were forever open. I would thank God for making me so patient and humble like my father.
The first two years of my college seemed tough because of the subjects and the effort they demanded. Anatomy. Physiology. Biochemistry. But it passed like a dream. I was not the topper of my class neither was I ignorant. I would say i was doing well not only academically but socially too. I was never part of any trouble ever being called for. It was when i saw her and trouble was all invited.


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